In the early nineties, Richard Bandler created Design Human Engineering® as the next step in the evolution of NLP. Design Human Engineering® is Richard's process on how people can engineer their brain to perform at the highest level possible. Persuasion Engineering® built upon this knowledge and was later initiated after further models were developed. Among the many models that make up Persuasion Engineering®, Patterns of Persuasion™ and John La Valle's best kept consulting strategies contribute to the program that people learn today. The skills in this program teach people how to fine tune language with precision, and have real-world application in any business or personal setting. For the past 40+ years, Richard has dedicated himself to developing new ideas, tools, techniques and true models for the advancement of human evolution. For the past 30+ years, John La Valle has been training people in Fortune 100 companies. At the Persuasion Engineering® workshop, learn from the masters and change the way you influence the world around you.[/fade]