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In the early nineties, Richard Bandler created Design Human Engineering® as the next step in the evolution of NLP. Design Human Engineering® is Richard's process on how people can engineer their brain to perform at the highest level possible. Persuasion Engineering® built upon this knowledge and was later initiated after further models were developed. Among the many models that make up Persuasion Engineering®, Patterns of Persuasion™ and John La Valle's best kept consulting strategies contribute to the program that people learn today. The skills in this program teach people how to fine tune language with precision, and have real-world application in any business or personal setting. For the past 40+ years, Richard has dedicated himself to developing new ideas, tools, techniques and true models for the advancement of human evolution. For the past 30+ years, John La Valle has been training people in Fortune 100 companies. At the Persuasion Engineering® workshop, learn from the masters and change the way you influence the world around you.[/fade]


[fade] + Why train with you instead of someone else?

We stay current and up-to-date with the latest discoveries in the field of human development. In addition, we are passionate about helping you develop your skills and techniques as you progress through our program. Is there anyone better to learn NLP from than Richard Bandler himself?!

+ What if I need additional personal assistance?

This Persuasion Engineering® workshop is staffed with some of Richard's most talented trainers and everyone involved over the three day period is fully dedicated to your success.

+ What if I trained with another institute and want to now train with you? Is this a problem?

Our program is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Whether this is your first introduction to NLP training, or you attended one of our programs in the past, our workshop is suitable for all skill levels.

+ What can help me decide to attend or not to attend?

What makes our workshop special is that you get hands-on training and access to not only the creator of NLP, Richard Bandler, but you get John La Valle's knowledge from 30+ years of real-world application in Fortune 100 companies. If you can't decide, feel free to ask anyone who has trained with us in the past and review all the information you received from us. If you have any specific questions about Persuasion Engineering® or our workshops, do not hesitate to call us.

+ What can I do with Persuasion Engineering?

There are many areas in which NLP has been utilized. Regardless of profession, you can use the skills learned in this workshop to build on whatever you are doing in your daily life.

+ What are the best products and applications for business?

The techniques that one would learn with NLP can be applied to any business scenario. Although there are no physical "products", the strategies that you will learn can become an important foundation in the way you conduct yourself through your daily interactions. Our platform has been designed to help you apply what you learn to any business environment that you feel is suitable.

+ What about enhancing creativity?

By learning the techniques and strategies involved with NLP, the degree of creative output that you have in your daily life will be greatly improved. Once new behavioral strategies are created, you will understand how NLP can be used as as a creative tool and applied to any scenario in which you deem suitable.

+ Can you recommend some good NLP books & tapes?

Persuasion Engineering®, Sales & Business, Language and Behavior, by John La Valle and Richard Bandler, will provide a great foundation in which you can build upon at one of our workshops. Other recommended books written by Richard Bandler include, Time For A Change, Using Your Brain For A Change, Get The Life You Want, and Richard Bandler's Guide to TRANCE-formation.[/fade]

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[fade]When: March 6-8, 2020
Where: Orlando, Florida

Since we've published the book on Persuasion Engineering® by Richard Bandler & John La Valle, we have continuously sold out program after program. John has taken Persuasion Engineering® into corporations around the world with incredible results.

  • Sky rocket sales!

  • Accelerate your bottom line!

  • Achieve more responsive customer service!

  • Increase income!

  • Influence more gently but with precision![/fade]